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October Featured Dish

Photo by Sean Ocean |

Photo by Sean Ocean |

Livornese: Grown-Up Spaghetti-O’s?

Okay, so technically it’s “Calamari alla Livornese,” but since this is the only dish we prepare in this style, you can find it on the YABO menu under “Livornese!” In Italian cooking, livornese-style dishes are usually centered around seafood. Fish, shrimp, or squid are sautéed with herbs and then served in a tomato sauce.

For our spin on this Tuscany staple food, we start with fresh calamari and sauté it in a blend of olive oil and garlic. Once the calamari is tender, it comes off the pan and right into a bowl, where it’s smothered in our spicy roasted garlic and tomato arrabbiata sauce.

This dish is easily one of our most popular opening acts! Come by and try it for happy hour or as the start to your delicious YABO dinner.

Suggested Drink Pairings – Try the Livornese with a glass of Carchelo “C” wine or a pint of one of our craft-brewed India Pale Ales.